Retail Rescue Seminars

Group Session Training Seminars:

Group Seminars is about getting together all of those that would benefit from the subject chosen, (see list below), at a venue near you or near us on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Depending on your budget and the level of training needed, we have sessions that vary in length, anywhere from 90 minutes through to two days. Many sessions can be conducted after hours or on weekends, for your convenience.

Short Seminars – either 90 minutes or 3 hours:

Short Seminars are popular with multiple store owners and Franchises but also with Shopping centres, who often get together a group of shop owners, store managers and/or their staff, because well trained tenants equates to better profits and in turn better returns for the centre itself, along with longevity in tenancy and increased demand for occupancy.

90 min sessions concentrate on the key aspects of each subject, whereas 3 hour sessions go into more detail and often include interaction with the attendees themselves. Usually these short seminars would occur after hours, e.g. from 6pm – 9pm for the 3 hour version.

The below seminars can be conducted in short versions, although some can also be done in a more comprehensive manner during “Longer Seminars”, (see further down this page).

1. Self-Selling Merchandising
2. How to Close the Sale and Sell Add-ons
3. Loyalty Marketing
4. Customer Service – Beyond the Basics
5. Latest Technologies and their Benefits
6. Managing Stock & Budgeting to Buy
7. Reasons why Retailers Fail and How to Avoid Them
8. How to conduct FREE Market Research
9. Establishing a Point of Difference
10. Cashflow Planning & Management
11. How to Generate KPIs, (Key Performance Indicators)
12. DIY Business Assessments
13. Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
14. Recruiting and Retaining the Best Staff
15. Getting Staff to willingly follow the Rules
16. Adding the ‘Wow factor’ to your business
17. Branding and First Impressions
18. How to rank well on Google
19. Social Media for Profit – Converting Likes into $$
20. Personality Profiling – finding the natural skills of your teams
21. How to Determine if your Business Model can be Franchised

Regardless of which short seminar is chosen, the cost is the same; $150 ex Tax per person per 90 mins, (minimum of 10 attendees), i.e. simply double the cost for the 3 hour session. Note: there is no catering of food or drink supplied for these sessions, only water.


Longer Group Seminars – either 1 Day or 2 Day sessions:

Longer seminars are fully catered, with arrival coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
The subjects in longer seminars will be covered in a more comprehensive manner and often include integration of relating subjects, (normally separated out for the short seminars).

New Generation Retail Sales Training:
Recommended for all staff, not just salespeople. Covers New Generation steps of selling including Rapport building, Up-Selling, Add-on Sales and Closing the Sale. Also Customer Service Skills for support staff, such as administrators and stock/inventory controllers, in fact anyone who has any form of interaction with customers or even suppliers.

Modern Merchandising Training:
Recommended for owners, managers, store merchandisers and staff wanting to learn merchandising. Covers all aspects of store merchandising including;
• Maximization of floor plan including layout & traffic flow.
• First impressions including presentation, lighting and windows.
• Branding, eye for detail, lines of sight and highlighting point of difference.
• Product placement including categories, hot & dead spots and complimentary lines.
• Practical techniques for construction of displays and identifying display opportunities including product grouping techniques, colour blocking and promotional set-up.
• Maintenance and housekeeping including daily and monthly checks.
Learn proven techniques and tricks of the trade.

Operations Management Training:
Recommended for owners, managers and trainee managers. Covers most aspects of running a retail business including:
• Reasons why retailers fail and how to avoid them.
• How to manage Cash-Flow effectively.
• DIY business assessments including business structure.
• How to create a strategic business plan.
• How to manage your time effectively.
• How to Generate KPIs, (Key Performance Indicators), including the use of same industry benchmarking.
• How to Determine if your Business Model can be Franchised.
• Stock Control – inc. Buying Plan & Clearing Old.

Marketing and Branding:
Recommended for owners, managers and marketing managers in training. Marketing Plans including How to conduct FREE Market Research and VIP Events. Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing. Targeted Customer Loyalty ‘Harvesting’. Branding and First Impressions including Establishing a Point of Difference and Adding the ‘Wow factor’ to your business. Also Latest Technologies and their Benefits.

Blogging and Social Media for Profit:
Recommended for owners, managers and digital marketing managers in training. This is one of our most popular seminars, covering the following:
• How to create Blogs, Landing Pages and Social Media Pages.
• How to schedule posting of the same article to your Blog, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn all at the same time, with just one press of a button.
• Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO) – How to rank well locally on Google.
• Digital Marketing techniques that work – includes best practices for Facebook boosts, Google AdWords and remarketing campaigns.
• Social Media Management – What you should be doing, when you should be doing it and how often.
• Posting for Profit – Converting Likes into dollars.

Recruiting, Keeping and Managing the Best:
Recommended for owners, managers and H.R. managers in training. Learn modern and ethical ways to recruit and retain the best staff, including the following:
• Personality Profiling – finding the natural skills of your teams.
• Job Description Creation – using role profiling to ensure only the correct duties are included in each role of your business.
• Staff Assessments & Performance Management – .
• Best Recruitment Practices – includes how to create an advert that attracts the right type of people that suits the role in question.
• Short-listing quick calls and personality driven interviews.
• Retention – keeping the best staff and getting them to willingly follow the rules.

Regardless of which longer seminar is chosen, the cost is the same; $280 ex Tax per person per day, (minimum of 20 attendees), i.e. simply double the cost for the 2 day seminar. Note: catering of food and drink is supplied for these seminars.

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