About Retail Rescue

Less Talk… More Action

How often have you come across consultants and mentors who love to ask questions but never actually supply the answers? “Are you doing this? Have you thought about that? You need to look at your procedures”… sound familiar? Retail Rescue goes much further, we not only reveal what needs to be done but we also teach you HOW to do it!


Common Sense is King and Plain English Rules… OK!?

Forget baffling terminology and pie in the sky promises, we show you how to get the absolute most out of the potential your business holds. We will even tell you what you need to do in order to improve the potential itself!

01. Strategic

It doesn’t matter whether your business is only just starting out or has been operating for generations, whenever a new client comes on board, we will start at ‘square one’ and then step them through the process of growing their business from there. Our strategies have been proven, time and time again, to either turn businesses around or help them take the next step forward.

02. Professional

All mentors, coaches and consultants undergo direct training by Mr Retail himself, with everyone following processes that determine specific needs of each individual business and then maximising their growth in the most effective ways possible. Only once they have been accredited as being at the level we require are they allowed to service the clients we pass on to them.

03. Mission Statement

We will promote and provide Solutions and Answers, integrating ethical methods designed to grow and improve businesses whilst enhancing the lifestyle of all participants. Profits from this process will go towards self-sustainability of healthy and happy communities, starting locally and expanding worldwide.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

On average, Retail Rescue clients have experienced a 58% increase in their Gross Profit over a period of just 2 years, when they implement the strategies we outline for them. Even though we do NOT tie our clients into long term contracts, we still have an over 85% retention rate of clients that stay with us, year after year.


Long Term Clients


Gross Profit Increase


A Team Of Professionals

Bryan Young (Mr Retail)


The Vision of Retail Rescue falls in line with our Director and Founder’s personal life goals and aspirations, which are…
“To greatly enhance the lives and well being of as many people on earth as we can. This includes family, friends, clients, employees and anyone genuinely in need of help. We will do this through ethical means only and always with the greater good for mankind as our motivation” – Mr Retail


Marketing Manager

“Can you honestly say the money you currently spend on traditional marketing methods is returning an investment, or has it become just another expense? Spend the same money and dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing through NEW and innovative ways of reaching your target client base. Social media is the tip of the iceberg!” – Michelle


What We Do Best


Every month, Mr Retail spends an hour with the business owner or their delegated manager. Each session focuses on what they need to be doing, for that particular month, to have the biggest positive impact on the business.


As part of the Cash-Flow planning and management service Retail Rescue provides, we offer business structure assessments, business plan creation, same industry Benchmarks, (to establish KPIs), and stock control training that includes generation of a buying plan.

Sales Training

Teach your staff how to sell well beyond the basic steps of selling. Training can be arranged in the form of onsite group seminars, group webinars, or even one on one coaching over various webcam applications.

Human Resources

Retail Rescue provide Staff Strengths Profiling, Role Assessments and Staff Assessments services. We also train your managers on how to Performance Manage their staff. Often, the owners want to know how to manage the performance of their managers. Plus, we can supply HR Templates – Recruitment Process, Job Roles and Policies & Procedures.

Digital Marketing

Retail Rescue have a sister company, Digital Managed, who can manage all of your digital marketing needs for you. Whether you need a website built, your Google rankings improved, Blogging written and posted for you, Social Media pages created and managed, or even AdWords and remarketing campaigns created and managed on your behalf, we can do it all and much more.


Retail Rescue offer an onsite service, whereby we come to your retail business and assess the current store layout and merchandising standards. We then provide recommendations on how to best maximise the potential of your store. We also offer group training seminars and one on one training for your merchandising manager, or whomever you have allocated the merchandising task to.