All over the Gold Coast and parts of Brisbane, there have been unexpected appearances of a Pink Mummy,
with tourists and locals alike scratching their heads as to what it is all about!?
It all started when the Pink Mummy took on Pro Wrestlers at Club Chermside…
Then came the Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate
Before anyone knew it, the Pink Mummy started to ‘Pop Up’ everywhere!
Kevin Gordon from the Gold Coast Titans found himself with a new friend…
The Gold Coast Turf Club…
Broadbeach Surf Lifesavers…
Jet Ski Safaris Marina Mirage
The Q1 Building, Carrara Markets, even Hogs Breath Café…
At one point she was collected by a passing Pink Stretch Hummer, temporarily becoming a hood ornament!
And Ripley’s, Believe it or Not, tried to add her to their Collection of Oddities!
But it wasn’t until she was floating in a FunBallz Water Ball at Robina…
That she attracted Media Attention, appearing on NBN Gold Coast News… but they didn’t get the full story!
So what’s it all about? What gives with the Pink Mummy? What will she get up to next?
Proudly Supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Mr. Campbell Newman needs to keep his hands off of Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening.
Michelle has been working on a fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation for 3 months now and just last week ended up in hospital.
Now she has to go in for exploratory surgery for Bowel Cancer the day before the event.
She refuses to give up and will crawl to the My Style Connection Fashion & Beauty Showcase if she has to.
You can see all the details for the event at .
Our hospitals are struggling with funding and long waiting lists as it is; why change the screening systems now and make waiting lists even longer?
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