In a very bold move, Retail Rescue has decided to provide their Retail Mentoring service for free.
Bryan Young is a highly experienced and qualified Retail Consultant. He is so good at what he does that many of his clients refer to him as Mr Business. He is the Director and Founder of our Global company based on the Gold Coast, known as Retail Rescue.
Along with his wife, Michelle, they are deeply concerned by the number of Retailers who have been forced to close their doors, with up to 80% of small businesses failing in the first 5 years. They believe that many of these closures could have been avoided and are out to help anyone in the Retail Industry, whether Retailers or Suppliers to Retail, to be successful.
In an unprecedented move, Retail Rescue are escalating their attempts to help Retail, by giving away $5,000 worth of Profit Builder Mentoring for FREE.
“The face of Retail has changed dramatically. With Online retailers, Social Media and Mobile Apps having such a big impact, failure to keep up has seen the decline of many Big Names like Colorado, Borders and Kleins, just to name a few. We show you how to get ahead in this tough Retail environment, through the guidance of a mentor who mixes the best of the old with the best of the new in Real World Business strategies.” – Bryan Young
“We are very confident that we can have a significant positive impact on any Retail or Supply Business. There are no contracts involved and absolutely NO OBLIGATION to continue with our services. That’s right, Free Help, no strings attached.” – Michelle Young
To help promote this humanitarian offer, Retail Rescue has launched an advertising campaign featuring “Mr Money Pants”, an interesting character with a very large bottom, wearing pants made from money and dancing to a song called “I Like Big BUCKS and I Cannot Lie” which ends with the comment “It’s Okay to have a BIG BOTTOM… Line”
The video has already had over 50,000 YouTube views in just a few short days. To learn more about how YOU can qualify for FREE help visit