Retail Store Management Master Class

This year’s Retail Store Management Master Class will be held in Johannesburg, April 22 – 23, and will be presented by Mr Retail himself, Retail Rescue’s General Manager, Bryan Young.
Tickets are selling fast, so if you are interested in learning everything to do with running a successful retail business, across 2 days of intensive training, then make sure you book now!

Click Here to download the retail store management pdf.

See the subjects covered and agenda for the 2 days, then print the last page, fill it in and fax it to the number provided, or email as an attachment to the email address also provided. 
Remember, Mr Retail is renowned for providing ANSWERS, not just a bunch of questions for you to think about, plus he speaks in Plain English, so you will leave with a genuine action plan designed to make a significant and immediate positive impact on your business. We’ll see you there!