Australia’s First Virtual Shopping Centre will launch in October, with more than 100 national brands already signed up.
The 360º Mall sees a new era in retail shopping with the 3D shopping centre allowing users to shop inside virtual stores.
Retailers who sign up to open a virtual store have no contract periods, minimum store fees, or fees for cancellation, allowing retailers a “zero risk” opportunity.
The concept is the brainchild of 16 year old school boy, Alex Danieli, who says that while online shopping has seen a huge boom in recent years, it provides a “lacklustre experience for the consumer”.
“The 360º Mall takes that same online shopping format and transforms it into an interactive and entertaining experience that is the next best thing, if not better, to jumping in your car and driving to the local mall.”
Earlier this year, the mall trialled a test site that saw hundreds of thousands of users log on and make 50,000 virtual shopping transactions.
“We trialled a test site to better understand what the market wants, so that we could incorporate the demand into our platform, which is an unparalleled combination of the benefits of offline and online retail shopping, enhanced through the application of cutting edge internet technology,” said Danieli.
“The features and advantages of our platform are unprecedented in the online shopping space.”
The online mall also allows the virtual experience to be shared, with users able to interact and shop with others users.
The store will officially launch on October 1, 2012
Inside Retail