When you hired your staff it was because you saw WORTH in them and they ‘came on board’ because they saw WORTH in you! That’s right, they decided to work for you as much as you decided to hire them.

Remember, they are committing to take however many hours a week you have them rostered on for, out of their lives to come to your business. They could just as easily work for someone else, yet they chose you and vice versa, so what you have with them is more like a relationship, than a mere contractual agreement and you need to commit to them as well.

Therefore, if they are not performing at the level you expected, is it because they just don’t want to, or is it because they just don’t know HOW to?

Before you do your next set of Staff Performance Assessments, make sure you are not pre-judging your team, based on your PERCEPTION of their performance, rather than the FULL picture. Here are some factors to consider…

Are you being fair in your expectations?
Have you made your expectations clear, including providing Targets and outlining their Role in the Business?
Have you fully trained them and are you providing ongoing training, (especially with Sales Staff)?
Have you shared your Visions and Goals and, just as importantly, have you asked what THEIR Goals are?
Are there any external issues they are currently experiencing, that could be affecting their mindset?

All of these factors, and much more, need to be taken into account before you start handing out written warnings and planning to ‘manage people out’. Remember, this it is not just a job, it is their livelihood!

If you are unsure on how to get the most out of your Team, or even properly conduct Staff Assessments, Contact Retail Rescue to find out how satisfying and surprising PROFITABLE it can be, to give your Staff the direction and RECOGNITION they deserve!