The climate, gravity and finance affects us all and not always in a complimentary way.  But when we give ourselves a little makeover we feel fantastic.

A retail makeover doesn’t have to be a major expense or major hassle. Just a few small changes can really revamp your business.

This week we focus on Visual Appeal.

Your store, your staff and your marketing all need to visually appeal to your customers. Sounds a little saucy? But in reality, we all live in a very visual and at times fickle world. We all need to change things up a bit to keep life and business interesting.

It’s a proven fact that when something really appeals to us we get a rush of endorphins and adrenalin and a lot of people get that when they walk into a store that visually appeals to them. This will then translate into a desire to shop.

Visual merchandising is a marketing tool and is literally at the forefront of your stores appeal.

The Encarta world dictionary describes the work marketing as “Marketing is the business activity of presenting products and services to your potential customers in such a way as to make them eager to buy”

Think of some of the questions on the minds of your customers from the moment they see your store:

          Does this store have what I am looking for?

          Will the store be easy to navigate?

          Will I enjoy my shopping experience here?  

Some of the small changes you can make will give you great rewards.

Look at the layout and visual appeal of your store. Is it cluttered, is the lighting making the store bright enough, can people with wheel chairs or prams navigate through the aisles, are products easy to find or groups into categories, are you and your staff friendly & well presented? Make the store more appealing so people want to spend more time there.

A simple mini makeover might be all you need to get on the right track.

Get the carpets cleaned; when was the last time the flooring had more than a quick vacuum or mop?

A few tins of paint may mean a little after hours labour, but check if the state of the walls are bringing the store down. White is always a great background for a visual merchandising story.

De-clutter displays, behind cash registers. Create a calm and easy to navigate environment for your customers.

Store extra stock and boxes out of sight.

Group similar items together, create a story, colour code your displays.

Create a shopping room on floor for a current promotion, it doesn’t have to be large or walled in.

If you have a display window in the front of your store, make sure you change it at least every 2 – 4 weeks. Keep it interesting and fresh. Re-paint the floor of the display, hang fabric or wallpaper panels at the back and have clear signage for new ranges or sales.

A revamped store layout or new décor will not only entice customers to browse/spend, it will also give you and your staff a bit of a moral boost. By creating a new climate in the tough retail climate we face every day, you will be providing a unique and pleasant experience for you, your staff and your customers.

One of the other ‘Visual’ tools of appeal is your staff. Make sure you give them strict guidelines for dress code, behaviour and general appearance. It is your business and you have a right to set certain standards for the appearance and behaviour of your staff. They are representing you and your business every time they work.

One of the most important things we can say to you is “never be afraid to ask for help”

If you would like a little or a lot of help to revamp your business, please contact Mr Retail himself at info@retailrescue.comor via the website

We partner with you, not take over. We are here to give you the answers you need on a silver platter.

“Less talk, more action” – Mr Retail