For Digital Marketing to be successful, it is important to ensure that your online presence has been set up correctly. If not, you can kiss page one goodbye as your content blends into millions of others fighting for the same market as you and only the highest Adwords bidder will win.

By getting the essentials right, you will rank better organically for your chosen Keywords and thus you will save hundreds, perhaps thousands, by no longer having to pay for online advertising for those keywords where you rank well anyway.

Here is a checklist of the minimum aspects of your online presence that are essential to effective Digital Marketing. Yes, there is a lot more involved in getting on and staying on page one, but this checklist will help your Digital Marketing Campaigns to actually work.


  1. Local Listings: For local businesses, make sure you are on Google My Business and as many Local Search Listings as possible. For larger companies, e.g. a Franchise, make sure your Head Office is locally listed and your outlets have their own local listings.
  2. Website or Blog: If you have a website, whether produced professionally or created by yourself, make sure it can post regular updates. This could be a Blog page, a News and Events page or perhaps a Newsletter. Google loves sites with regularly updated content, as it helps to engage people for return visits. If you don’t have a website, at least start a Blog.
  3. Essential Social Media Sites: Highly visited Social Media pages now rank well outside of the platforms themselves and certainly via the search engines within them. Facebook cannot be ignored. Google likes Google, so get Google Plus and YouTube. If you do B2B, get LinkedIn. If you sell things people like to see, e.g. clothes or jewellery, get Instagram and/or Pinterest. If you broadcast updates, news or events, get on Twitter. Anything else is up to you.
  4. Keywords: Ensure that everything, (website, blog, local listings, social media etc.), features keywords most likely to attract your target markets, (i.e. what would they type into Google, to find what you do), in both the Headings and Descriptions of every listing and page.
  5. Links: Wherever possible, include links back to your other listings, e.g. social media linked to website, website linked to social media and so on. Associate with major players/information sources in your industry, e.g. if you are a member of an association, and link to them too.
  6. Get Verified: The Google Maps listing, created during the Google My Business sign up, must be verified to work. If you don’t want your address shown publicly, set it to show just your suburb but you still need to do the verification process to prove you are a legitimate business. Also, verify your Facebook location so your page shows up in local searches too.
  7. Online Activity: Make sure you regularly post to your Blog and Social Media pages because everything linked to your website will affect how your site ranks. Lots of Likes, Follows and Shares equates to a good source for content which Google loves.
  8. Video is King: Try to include a video with everything you do. Shared videos from other sources is okay but those made by you are far better, as they authenticate that you are genuinely providing content for those searching for it. Live videos even help to boost rankings, as Google and Facebook’s facial recognition software can detect you are real.


There is a whole lot more that we do, before we start doing a Digital Marketing Campaign for you, (and ongoing), but the above should get you off to a good start should you wish to do it all yourself. If you are interested in seeing what Digital Marketing Offers we provide, CLICK HERE.