Recruitment and Role Profiling

Staff Problems?

Ever Hired the Wrong Person? Got Staff Problems?

Ever Hired the Wrong Person?


It May Not be Their Fault..!

If someone just doesn’t seem to fit the team, in fact they are more like a ‘Fish out of Water’, you need to read on…

Do You Have Square Pegs in Round Holes?

Staff are your biggest investment and hiring the wrong people can, and often does, cost you BIG TIME! Put simply, the wrong person is simply not suited to the role, so they are just not as productive as someone who is!

For example, a Salesperson who is not a good fit will cost you in lost sales and the need to cover their wages; not to mention the lost repeat custom from poor capacity to build rapport and customer loyalty! Costs associated with just ONE wrong placement is in the TENS of THOUSANDS for every single year that you continue to retain them, but there is a solution and that is adding Role Profiling to the recruitment process.


The Key to Success is People…

  • Finding them
  • Training them
  • Motivating them
  • Keeping them

The BEST Way to Acquire and Keep the Right Ones is to use Profiling!

Before you do your next set of Staff Performance Assessments, make sure you are not pre-judging your team, based on your PERCEPTION of their performance, rather than the FULL picture and this is where analysing the Roles and Duties is perhaps even more important than jumping straight to finding fault in individuals. This is where personality profiles can be invaluable. I don’t know if you have heard of personality profiles before but they are nothing short of phenomenal in how accurately they can determine someone’s overall personality and natural abilities. Having said that, being an Ethics based business, I do have my issues with the way many businesses USE profiling. Even I like to sugar coat them, by calling them “Strengths Surveys” or “Skills Reports” but let’s face it, most businesses use these profiles as reasoning to hire or fire someone and you have to admit that saying ‘see ya!’ to someone, based mainly on what boxes they tick is somewhat harsh.

On the other side of the coin, having the wrong people in the wrong roles is simply not a good idea either. A salesperson for example can literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars every year in lost sales alone and that’s assuming they even cover the costs involved with the original advertisement of the role, time spent on induction training, the wages of the person to DO the training and THEIR lost sales whilst training… oh and the new employee’s wages as well of course! And at the end of all this, because they weren’t suited to begin with, they don’t enjoy doing the role and… move on! Leaving you to repeat the process ALL OVER AGAIN! So, making sure you have the right people in place will mean that job satisfaction will increase and therefore staff retention, along with productivity and as a result. In short Personality profiling can save you a great deal of money and heartache as well. Plus they encourage a happier work environment. By that I mean that once you understand WHY another person reacts and behaves the way they do, you can be less judgemental towards them and vice versa.

Using Profiling Ethically!

So how do we make sure these are conducted fairly and therefore ethically? Simple, Retail Rescue have changed the way we use them and we believe that what we have come up with is much fairer approach. Let’s face it, suitability for the role is what profiles are all about but what we are forgetting is whether the ROLE ITSELF is the problem and not the person in it! So, to be fair on everyone involved, there needs to be a process that really pin-points the cause, be it the individual or what is expected of them.

The first step is a Role Only Profile – this means analysing the actual Roles, what does each one entail and just what type of personality would best suit doing it, in particular on a day-in day-out basis and all the while, loving doing so. You see, someone who absolutely loves analysing data and fine tuning processes can be a very powerful asset in an administrative or operations role but watch them struggle when they have to ‘come out of their box’, so to speak… out of their ‘comfort zone’, and try to sell something. Try holding back a born salesperson, keen to get on to the next sale, and tell them they need to redo the repair paperwork they messed up from yesterday… any of this sound familiar?

The next part of this report involves surveying existing staff, including YOURSELF, to see if the people you have doing each role actually FIT the position. If people are not doing what they enjoy, they will always be feeling stressed and will undoubtedly not be as productive as the role needs them to be.

This brings us to Shuffle Board, no I am not talking about a game you play on a cruise ship, I am talking about the possibility of moving your people from one role to another. Take a good look at not only everyone’s suitability for their current role, but also for other roles they and you may not have even considered they should be doing. Do You even suit YOUR role? Allow yourself to be surveyed and find out, if you aren’t, don’t panic, delegate what are NOT your strengths and take on other things that are, you will still be respected as the boss, the one that pays their wages but you may well be better suited to driving the sales team or running the workshop than an administrator.

Shuffling the Board around, so to speak can make a huge impact on the overall business productivity. We have done this with surprising results in the past, finding poor performers in sales only had to be moved to admin whilst there were born salespeople sitting in administrative positions! By moving the roles around, everyone was happier and productivity went through the roof! If NO-ONE fits a particular role, then maybe the role itself needs to change and if the person doing the role seems wrong, don’t sack them, first make sure the role can be filled at ALL, then CHANGE it if it can’t be, by shuffling certain aspects of one role across to another and vice versa and if you discover someone else better suited to it, try moving positions around before managing someone out!

Team Fit is about matching potential new employees to what are now REAL roles, roles that you have fully analysed and determined are actually doable by one person and matching personality type. Save yourself the heartache of having to manage someone out, whilst losing tens of thousands in the drawn out process, by getting the most likely to succeed person, right at the point of the job interview.

Morale Boost is the most likely side effect of doing profiles, as everyone has their natural skills and strengths revealed, which means you have something to work with as understanding what motivates someone will help you to know HOW to encourage them to make better use of those strengths. When you conduct staff assessments, you will now be able to do so with an understanding of how and why a person reacts and performs the way they do so, before you reach for a written warning, you will be able to discuss with them what things can YOU do to help them be the best in their role. Once everyone sees that they are valued for their natural abilities and not just an employee number, they will invariably give much more to your business, as they too will benefit if they do. We spend a large part of our lives working, so we might as well enjoy it too!

Tailored Incentive Schemes

One of the best ways to boost Morale is to introduce an Incentive Scheme as a reward for their efforts but again, most incentive schemes are also done wrong. “Let’s try commission” or “Let’s try recognition awards” or… that’s right, everything is done on a ‘try this, try that’ basis, hoping to somehow ‘trip over’ a winning formula. The way to set up an effective incentive scheme is to identify the key motivators of the people you want to encourage first. Are there any common denominators, such as money… or chocolate… that can be used to motivate the entire team, or are there an array of completely different motivators that require a mix of Team and Individual Rewards Schemes to get results?

In short, any incentive scheme introduced into your business needs to be tailored to the genuine needs of the people who work in your business, if it is to be truly effective long term.

Bonus Incentive Scheme Assessment with all Team Profiles!

Let us take the headache out of determining the best incentive scheme for your team!

As a Bonus for every profile we do, we will include incentive recommendations for the individual. Profile the entire team and get an added incentive recommendation for the ‘Family Unit’ as well.

Have previously profiled your staff using a competitor’s profile system but just need an incentive scheme to go with it? Let us evaluate the results and recommend an incentive scheme to suit! Scroll down for pricing to do so, as well as pricing to switch to our ‘Team Fitness’ Profiles instead.

Profiles should be done bi-yearly, as part of your staff assessments or at least yearly. You can profile just one team member at a time, or do the entire team, whatever suits your needs. Yes, you can try to do ALL of this without actually doing surveys, but you had better be the world’s best judge of character to do so and if you are, then you probably don’t have any staff issues anyway… or do you?


The First Step is to Assess what the Role itself entails and then the type of personality that would be best suited to do it. Then we simply ask any existing and or potential staff to complete a quick and easy online survey that gives a very strong indication of THEIR personality for cross-referencing against the Roles. If the Role is too hard to find a fit, then we help you to change the role itself! Finally we provide and Incentive scheme Tailored to your Team.

This survey has a 90% degree of accuracy and is definitely NOT a Test, rather an indicator of natural strengths and has been used extremely effectively in Recruitment processes, Business Structure and Performance Management.

ALL Staff benefit from this process, as Owners get an insight on what motivates individuals and how to alter the work environment to make it a great place to work whilst maximising the potential of everyone, including themselves!


  • New Employee Recruitment Job Match Profile $99 per person
  • Role Only Profile – Assessing the Role itself – can it be done by normal personality types? $99 per role
  • Staff Strengths – use in Staff Assessments and to match against Real Roles. Identify Motivators. $99 per person
  • Role Fitness Profile – Assessing BOTH the Role AND the Person doing it, includes Incentive scheme. $149 per person
  • Team Fitness Report – Assessing the Entire Team and Tailor Best Incentive Scheme to suit $99 per person
  • Incentive Scheme Analysis for Profiles done previously using competitor program $79 per person
  • Complete Business Structure! ALL Roles & Staff Profiled – Roles Fixed, Staff Matched, Incentive added $195 per Role

“Less Talk… More Action”… Contact Us NOW to see how incredibly effective Profiling really is!

Ethics Note

We do NOT use, nor condone the use of this service, as a way of deciding who to fire. It is a way of discovering strengths for employers to encourage, utilise and target motivating methods to enhance the workplace.