Retail Sales Training – The Steps of Selling

Retail Sales Training by Mr Retail - Beginners to Advanced

Retail Sales Training by Mr Retail – Beginners to Advanced


When the CEO for Retail Rescue, Bryan Young, first started out his career in Retail, he was a salesperson on the sales floor of a Myer suburban department store.

He underwent the same steps of selling sales training as everyone else and yet he quickly became the number one salesperson in the state of South Australia. He also achieved the highest number of customer commendations in the History of Myer.

When asked how it was that he was selling so much more than everyone else, with the exact same training given to him, he had to take pause. It was then that he realised that he wasn’t following the same process as everyone else was. Without thinking, he had injected his own elements into the sales process, what he now calls his “Secret Recipe”.

The Old Steps of Selling - Before Mr Retail Updated them

The Old Steps of Selling – Before Mr Retail’s Version


Bryan is now well known in the Retail industry as “Mr Retail”, having been in the industry for over 30 years and working his way up through the ranks from million dollar Salesperson to Sales Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager, Regional Manager, National Franchise Manager and now Business Mentor to Retailers and Business Owners worldwide.

Many aspects of his Sales Training have been adopted by others over the years and renamed. You may recognise terminology such as “Icebreakers”, “Breaking Down the Wall”, “Trial Closing”, “Testing the Water” and “Assumptive Close”; well all of these, and more, originated from variations of Bryan’s training. Many Sales Trainers and Consultants out there are teaching things they have learnt from others over the years but now you know the original source.

Sales Training by Mr Retail has come a long way and now things like “Customer Centric” and “Selling Loyalty” are embedded, along with the concepts outlined above and many more.

There are many Sales Training Programs on the market, most of which look good on paper but don’t work ‘in the real world’ and when taught to everyday ‘real’ people. If you are wondering why your Salespeople just don’t seem to get the training you have been giving them, and paid good money for, it’s because they are normal everyday people trying to take on some university graduates’ version of an outdated sales process.

Mr Retail knows what actually works because he has been on the front line, selling in both slow and fast paced environments and dealing with difficult customers and hard negotiators. He knows what works in the real world.

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