It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of something you probably already know,

Excellent Customer Service is dead.

After conducting many Mystery Shops at large department stores and smaller businesses, we have found that good old fashioned customer service; in most cases, is a thing of the past.

No wonder On-Line Shopping has become so popular.

When we conducted a series of customer interviews, many said that they would love to enter a store and receive excellent service, rather than shop on-line.

Many said they missed the service of the past when you were properly greeted when entering the store and given ‘proper’ service.

They also admitted that they tend to spend more when treated like a VIP and presented with more options to compliment the original purchase. Thus, a personalised in store experience would often have them leaving with more than they had intended to buy upon entry.

As a shopper myself I have been disappointed on many occasions when, giving all the signs of spending, the shop assistants were too busy chatting or worse, on their phones, to serve me.

What has happened to Sales training in the real world?

Here at Retail Rescue we have the solution for all retailers to really step to the front of the field and show everyone how it should be done. Thus building business and gaining repeat and loyal custom.

If you are wondering why your Salespeople just don’t seem to get the training you have been giving them, and paid good money for, it’s because they are normal everyday people trying to take on some university graduates’ version of an outdated sales process.

Mr Retail knows what actually works because he has been on the front line, selling in both slow and fast paced environments and dealing with difficult customers and hard negotiators. He knows what works in the real world.

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Michelle Young

Digital Marketing Manager & Trainer at Retail Rescue