Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan

This is our Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan.

For Digital Marketing to be successful, it is important to ensure that your online presence, (Local listings, website, blog, Social Media etc.), has been set up correctly. If not, you can kiss page one goodbye as your content blends into millions of others fighting for the same market as you and only the highest Adwords bidder will win.

Therefore, for the first month of this service, we will be checking that your digital footprint is properly optimised and will correct any errors found. GO HERE for a Checklist of what we will be doing.


Retail Rescue Offer the Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan Package

Retail Rescue Offer the Ultimate Digital Marketing Plan Package


By month two you will be ready to go. Provide us with one event, theme or promotion per month and we will do the following activities for you AND cover the cost of Google and Facebook ads for no extra charge!

  • Blog Post: We will professionally write an article relating to the promotion and post it to your Blog or News page. If you don’t have a Blog, we will post it to Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn. Where possible, a relevant video will be included. Keywords and link-backs will be used too.
  • For SEO reasons, we will share the above article to both your Facebook and Google Plus pages.
  • We will create and insert a Facebook Pixel AND Google Adwords code to this landing page, so visitors to the page will see your adverts everywhere they go on the internet.
  • We will create and pay for a Facebook Retargeting AND a Google Adwords Remarketing campaign each month and place them in front of at least 10,000 more people than your existing followers.
  • We will track effectiveness through a Google Analytics code we will add to your sites.
  • Reviews are crucial to SEO so we will monitor Facebook for any positive comments and then message them to ask for a review.
  • We will report monthly on page visits and Social Media activity, (Facebook and Google).

Remember: The cost for remarketing advertising is included, so you will not need to pay more to Google or Facebook on top of this offer.

Bonus Landing Pages: For every 3 months you stay with us, you will earn one FREE Landing Page to the value of $495. Plus, we will Host it for free, for as long as you stay with us. You can use this page to ask visitors for their email address before they can access an offer, e.g. to “go in the draw”, “download free information”, “get a free demonstration” etc. We then direct people to the page via above methods.

Nothing like this offer exists on the market.
Valued at over $2,000 p.m. But our price is just $995 p.m.


Note: We have many Digital Marketing Offers available, starting at just $295 for Social Media Posting done for you; Just click the Digital Marketing Tab for more information. Also, we can conduct market research to determine your target markets for just $495. Plus, we can create Blog sites, Landing Pages or Social Media Pages for just $495 each.