SEO, Blogging and Social Media Posting Package

One of the packages we offer is our SEO, Blogging and Social Media package. Now, when people are looking for a service or product, they’ll go straight to Google search and if you’re not on page one then you’ve lost them. Here at Retail Rescue, with the method we’ve devised, we actually have had a ninety-nine percent success rate on getting businesses found on page one for what they do, as well as for their name. Now on top of that you’ll also get two Facebook posts each week. These will be handwritten, keyword rich and they’ll be posted to two other social media platforms as well.

We will post one professionally written article on your blog page once a month. If you don’t have a blog page then we’ll put it on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Google+. Now this is fantastic because you’ll also get a link to your landing page or a nominated page. This article will be Facebook boosted, so you’ll have your article put in front of an estimated 10,000 people in your region. We’ll also monitor your Facebook for positive feedback and when you’ve received positive feedback we’ll contact those people and ask them to post a review for you. This only boosts your rankings. At the end of each month you’ll receive an analysis report on how your Facebook page is performing.

Watch Out for Fake SEO Services

Watch Out for Fake SEO Services


We’ve all had emails trying to sell us SEO services, (Search Engine Optimisation), for getting found online. We know we can’t trust them and yet they wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a demand for it. Let’s face it, people now go straight to Google to search for anyone who can provide the service they are after, and if they can’t find it on page one they will even try different words, rather than click to the next page.

The best way to get found on Google is by tying online activity, (Social Media, website, blog etc.), to your Google My Business listing and then build reviews. By using this method, we boast a 99% success rate for getting Businesses found on page one for local searches for what they do, not just their business name.


  • We will post twice per week* to your Facebook page and share to up to two other Social Pages, namely Google Plus, LinkedIn or Twitter. Each post will be relevant to your industry and include a keyword enhanced summary and tags or links to the source, to boost reach.
  • We will post one professionally written article per month to your Blog page. If you don’t have a Blog, we will instead post to either Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn. Each post will include keywords and a link to either a landing page or nominated social page.
  • For SEO reasons, we will share the post of the above article to Google Plus regardless.
  • We will pay Facebook to Boost the article to appear before an estimated 10,000 more people in your specific region, i.e. on top of existing followers’ news feeds.
  • We monitor Facebook for positive comments and then message and ask for a review too.
  • We provide a monthly report on number of Facebook likes and post performance.

This package is valued at $795 but our special offer is just $595 per month

*More frequent posts are available for an additional $100 per post but for Facebook only, i.e. not duplicated to other platforms.

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