Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting Campaigns Done for You

One of our digital marketing offers is Google and Facebook retargeting campaigns done for you. We insert a code or pixel into your website, blog or landing page. Then the magic happens; whenever someone’s visited your page, your advert will start popping up whenever they’re online. It’s the same with Facebook, we do the same sort of thing and whenever they go on Facebook your adverts pop up.

Here’s the best part, we’ll place these adverts in front of over 10,000 people over and above your regular followers and the cost is covered as part of the campaign fee. We’ll then give you a report on the demographic that you’ve reached. You can then use this for future targeted marketing campaigns. Now we haven’t found any competitor that offers this service, so get on board now by filling in the form to the right of this page.



Retail Rescue can do Google Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting Campaigns for you

Google calls it Remarketing and Facebook calls it Retargeting but they are basically the same thing. They both generate a code or pixel which you then add to your website, Blog or Landing page and it then gets dropped into the Browser of anyone who visits the page or site.

What happens next is almost a little creepy. With Google Remarketing your Adwords adverts will start popping up in front of the person who visited your site everywhere they go on the internet, (other than Facebook and only on sites with Google Adwords enabled), and with Facebook Retargeting your Facebook adverts show up wherever they go on Facebook, (not on the rest of the web, like Adwords).

Whenever you have an event or promotion you would like to run, we can help by generating a Facebook retargeting campaign AND Google Adwords remarketing campaign and provide you with the code and pixel to insert into your web page, blog or landing page. We can even insert it for you, if you give us access to the back end of your site.

We will then place these adverts in front of a minimum of 10,000 more people than those who follow you anyway. The cost to do this is included, so you will not need to pay more to Google or Facebook on top of this offer.

We also extract data surrounding the type of people who click on your adverts; demographic region, age, gender, even their likes and topics that interest them. We then report this to you, in order to help you to better determine content for future adverts in order to maximise receptiveness.

We have been unable to find any competitors who provide this service. It is valued at $1,000 but our price is just $495 per campaign

Don’t have a website, blog or landing page? We can use WordPress to make one for you for just $495 per page and even host it for free for as long as you continue to use our services!

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