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Retail Solutions:
Retail Rescue offers either proven ‘stand alone’ solutions, (utilising our exclusive excel templates as drivers and trackers), or integrated with our Complete Operations Software. We are also more than happy to utilise any other brand of POS/Stock Control system you may already be using.
See the below list for a clearer outline of what solutions we provide:

  • Mentoring from Accredited Professional
  • Management Training – 2ICs to Owners
  • Cash-Flow Planning & Management
  • Targeted Customer Loyalty ‘Harvesting’
  • Sales Training – Beginners to Advanced
  • Business Structure Assessment & Creation
  • Business Plan Creation, (inc. Exit Strategies)
  • Same Industry Benchmarks to Establish KPIs
  • Stock Control – inc. Buying Plan & Clearing Old
  • Staff Strengths Profiling and Role Assessment
  • Staff Assessment & Performance Management
  • Merchandising and Store Layout/Set-up Advice
  • Marketing Plans including Branding and VIP Events
  • Blogs, Landing Pages and Social Media Pages Creation
  • Digital Marketing, including SEO, Social Media Management & Posting
  • HR Templates – Recruitment Process, Job Roles and Policies & Procedures
  • Recruitment Service including Advertisement Creation & Placement, Short-listing and Profiling